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Web Development In LeedsAre you looking for a web development company that will help your business in Leeds?

Leeds Web Development

Web development refers to the process of building, creating and maintaining a website. Web development and how it is done has changed over the years. However, the one thing that has remained the same is that web development is about creating websites that run in a web browser. It includes a wide range of aspects including web design, web programming, web publishing and database management. The term web developer is often confused with web designer. These terms do not mean the same thing. A web designer designs the website interface using programmes such as HTML. A web developer could be involved with the website design, but they also write scripts to make the website work. They are also heavily involved in maintaining the website for their clients.

You should think of a web developer as those who turn the design of a website into a fully functional live website. They use web languages and software to ensure the website meets the client's requirements. There are two types of developers: front-end developers, and back-end developers. Some developers have knowledge of both. Knowing both front-end and back-end development allows the developer to build a fully functional website. A front-end developer is responsible for building interfaces and providing the layout that acts as the interaction between the back-end of the website and its users. JPS Web Design are experts in both types of web development. This means that we can provide the most effective service to our clients. We will develop you a website that is fully functional, meets all of your requirements and is user friendly.

Why Is Web Development Important To My Leeds Business?

Our daily lifestyle has become digitally-driven and this gives us little choice but to adapt to its ways. It is becoming more and more apparent that web development is essential to all business people. This is because for your business to generate more business, you need to ensure that your voice is heard. You need a good quality website that will generate you business. Your website is the first line of communication between you and your potential customers. The great advantage of having a website is that your products and services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your website can also be accessed from anywhere in the world!

However in todays business environment and to be able to beat the competition, small to medium businesses need to develop an excellent website. It is no longer enough to rely on "word-of-mouth" to promote a business. An excellent way to help reinforce personal recommendations is though professional website development. Professional web development companies will help your business increase product knowledge, generate leads for your business, maintain a constant communication between you and your clients and sell your products or services.

People like convenience. They like having a whole world of information just a button click away. If they cannot find your product or services at the other side of the click, they will go to another company. You will have lost access to millions of potential customers. In conjunction to ensuring that the public have easy access to your products, you need to make sure you build up a strong web presence. The main way to do this is by web development. So for your Leeds business to succeed you need to know that reaching out to a web development company will help you to reach your goals!

Why Should You Choose JPS Web Design For Your Web Development?

We have over ten years experience of designing and developing websites. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we provide them with everything they require from their website. Once we have completed the design stage we ensure that the client is happy with it before we move on to developing the website. The development stage is where we start to build the design into a working website. We ensure that we follow coding guidelines to build our clients a website that abides by web rules. Before we make the final website available on the web, we carry out tests to ensure that the website works in the way our client needs. The aim of the testing is to find any gaps or potential defects within the system. We want to give our clients a website that they are proud of! We also offer Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO). Search engine optimisation is the act of improving your website so that it appears higher on search engine result pages. For more information regarding the SEO services we offer, please see our website.

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Leeds Web Development

Brickslips required a bespoke online shopping platform to sell their brickslips easily.

Burnby Hall Gardens contacted us to create a new website for their Pocklington based Gardens and Museum.

Jackson White Taekwondo needed a high quality Website to expand his company on the internet.

Bickerton Cars in Elvington needed a bespoke developed website to advertise and sell their cars on.

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