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The following privacy policy provides details regarding when and why JPS Web Design collect personal information. It explains how we use this information, and also provides details of the legal conditions under which we may need to disclose the personal information to others. Details of how we keep your information secure can also be found in this document.

How Do We Obtain Your Personal Information?

We are able to obtain your information when you contact us regarding our services and also when you use our website. We also need to obtain your information when you register to receive our newsletter.

Details Of The Information We Obtain

The personal details we obtain from you may include your name, postal address, email address and IP address. To be able to complete your project to the best of our ability, we will also need to obtain details regarding your business. The information we require from you will include your domain details and server information. We will also require details regarding what you want from your website and also details of any other service you require from JPS Web Design.

What Do JPS Web Design Use Your Information For?

JPS Web Design may use your information for the following reasons:

  • To allow us to complete your project to a very high standard
  • To process our transactions
  • For our internal record keeping
  • Enable us to inform you of any changes we have made to the services we provide
  • Allows us to obtain feedback from our clients
  • We are able to send communications that you may find interesting. For example, we will send you details of any legal requirements regarding your website, or details of any relevant security updates.

Please note, we are legally required to retain some of your information for six years. This is due to UK law. We may also be required to share your information with law enforcement agencies.

Sharing Your Personal Information

JPS Web Design will never share, rent or sell any of the information you provide to us with third parties. This includes never sharing your details for marketing purposes. The only reason we share your information with an outside party is for accounting purposes and, if it is required, with law enforcement agencies as per UK law.

Your Personal Choice

If you do not wish to receive any future correspondence from JPS Web Design, you do have a choice to opt out. You can opt out by unsubscribing from our newsletter at any time. We will also not contact you by phone, text message or via email for marketing purposes, unless you have given us your prior consent.

Keeping Your Information Up To Date

To enable us to provide an excellent service to our clients, it is important that the information we hold is up to date. If any of your details change, including your email address, then please get in contact with us at:

Website 'Cookies'

Similar to other websites on the internet, JPS Web Design use cookies on our website. Cookies are the small files which are sent to your computer from an organisation. These small files are stored by your computer on to it's hard drive. The stored cookies enable the website to recognise you when you visit. The data obtained from the cookies allows the organisation to collect statistical data about your internet browsing habits and patterns. JPS Web Design only use the information from the cookies for our own personal marketing. We are able to use the information to tailor our services to the match the needs of our clients.

The users are able to switch off the cookies on a website in the browser preferences. It is advised that, by turning off the cookies, you may effect the website's functionality.

Your Domain Name

It is a legal requirement to share details of your chosen domain name on the WHOIS database when we register the name for you. Registering the domain name on the WHOIS database means that, unless you pay to opt out, your details will be available on the internet. In order to stop your details being made public, we advise our clients to pay to opt out, however, it is the decision of the client if they decide to take our advice and opt out.

Google Analytics

To enable us to track how our users interact with our website, we use Google Analytics. We only use the data we obtain from the analytics to determine the number of visitors we have to our website and to understand how they navigate through the pages. This knowledge allows us to provide a better service to our clients.

Google Analytics only record data such as your geographical location, your device, your internet browser and your operating system. It does not record any data that personally identifies you. Google Analytics can record your computer's IP address, which allows Google to personally identify you. Google, however, does not share that information with anyone else.

As we have already explained, you are able to disable cookies on your internet browser. This will disable Google Analytics being able to track the websites you have visited.

Security Precautions

JPS Web Design have a number of ways to ensure that we protect the information you share with us. These include:

Encrypting the information we collect: We always ensure that we use the appropriate collection, storage and processing policies regarding the handling of personal information. We use appropriate security measures in order to protect your personal information and any information that is stored about you on our website against unauthorised access and alteration. Any personal or sensitive information exchanged between our website and the users of our website occurs using an SSL secured communications channel. The data transferred over this SSL channel is encrypted. It is also protected using digital signatures.

We ensure that we keep your passwords confidential: When we generate, or change a password for you, we will not share the information with anyone else other than the person requesting the password. We do not keep a record of any passwords that we give to our clients.

Our clients must keep their passwords confidential: Our clients are also responsible in ensuring that they keep their passwords confidential. It is extremely important that they do not share their passwords with anyone else. This will reduce the chance of anyone being able to gain access to any personal information.

We regularly update our servers: By updating our servers regularly, we are reducing the chance of the server being hacked. This reduces the possibilty of your details being accessed by unauthorised people. Updates to the server also contain critical bug fixes and vulnerability patches. These are essential in keeping our servers secure. All of our servers are based in the UK, in secure locations. They are based in an external data centre, which also increases their security.

Links To Other Sites From Our Website

There may be links to other websites on JPS Web Design. We do not control the content of these websites, therefore, our Privacy Policy only covers our website. We strongly advise that you read their policies before you use their website. Browsing the other website, including those websites that include a link to JPS Web Design, are subject to that website's policies, terms and conditions.

You also need to be aware that if you link to our website through a third party website, we are not responsible for any policy of that third party website. JPS Web Design, therefore, advises that you read through the third party website's privacy policy and their terms and conditions.

People Aged 16 Or Under

Please obtain your parent's or guardians permission before you provide us with any personal details if you are aged 16 years or under.

Alterations To Our Privacy Policy

JPS Web Design reserves the right to update our privacy policy at any time. When we carry out any changes to this policy, we will show the date the changes were made at the bottom of the policy. This is so it is obvious to the reader that changes have been made. We, therefore, recommend that our users regularly check our policy for any changes that we have made. This keeps our users fully informed regarding the ways we protect their personal data. By browsing our website, you are agreeing to the details in this policy.

If you have any questions in regards to our privacy policy, please contact us by email at, or by telephone on 03333 444923.

Policy Review

Policy last updated: May 2018.

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